Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There's No Place Like Home.

I find myself quite frustrated right now.

Soon-to-be-Husband has it in his head to move where the work is.

Apparently, the work is in three places:


Which, selfishly, I'm ok with. It's 18 hours from where we live now. I speak French fluently (although my Quebecois is undoubtedly rusty) and the way of life there is similar to what we're used to.

And? Seriously, who doesn't love some good fondue?

I'm also ok with it... but it's very far far away from Kansas, if you know what I mean.

Bonus? Accents. Awesome accents. And warm. So, so warm.

And finally. Dubai. A place which is growing by leaps and bounds and it terrifies me a little to think of it.

I don't know why; we could make twice what we make now combined in one year. We could pay off our house and even afford to retire at an acceptable age.

But the unknown scares the shit out of me and I suppose it's time to grow up and be a good little Expat.

I'm being very silly. But my little bubble with my little job and my little house is so comfortable, I'm not sure that I want to leave. But some part of me knows I would regret it... not going.

Maybe I can talk him into waiting a year. For us to get settled into our marriage a little. For us to gel as a married couple.

The wedding alone is stressing me out. I can't imagine moving across the globe immediately after.

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